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The whole new site design

Our site was fully redesigned. Now it’s faster and more user friendly. You can access needed pages quickly and easily. Also community site will be finished in 1-2 weeks. Stay with us!

Technical news

We have some technical news for you. We shut down our community website and erased all your data and forum topics. will be in development couple of weeks, we want to make it easy to integrate community resources with our future games. Also don’t try to login or registrate on our main site (, all your accounts were deleted on this site, from now will be only for news and games. So stay forward to hear some news about our sites.


Great Devs is an epic indie game development company. We've created games such as Sky Snipper, Life Of Tank, Cray Fan and other. Great Devs consists of two studios: Orange AB and Doiral.


RT @rcoinb: Our apps will be back in App Store in about 2 weeks, sorry for that.
Say hello to our new website!
Stay forward to hear some news about our sites.


Here is an example how easy it'll be to setup 2 units: first - player, second will follow player
We're working on our engine right now
45 minutes left, finally! #GTAV